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Some teachers at the non-profit writing center 826 Valencia just published Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: A Collection of Kids’ Letters to President Obama. Some of the letters are direct, and others poignant, but mostly they are hilarious. I hand-picked some to share with you.


These are the first 10 things you should do as president:

1. Make everyone read books.
2. Don’t let teachers give kids hard homework.
3. Make a law where kids only get one page of homework per week.
4. Kids can go visit you whenever they want.
5. Make volunteer tutors get paid.
6. Let the tutors do all the thinking.
7. Make universities free.
8. Make students get extra credit for everything.
9. Give teachers raises.
10. If No. 4 is approved, let kids visit the Oval Office, but don’t make it boring.

Mireya Perez, age 8
San Francisco


Dear Barack Obama,

Congrats on becoming the president of the United States and slaughtering John McCain. I think that, unlike W., you should dodge other countries and not shoes. You should not be so quick to go to war and negotiate with terrorists. I like what you said about bringing the troops home from Iraq.

If you like my letter, know that it's from

D'andre "the King" Legrand, age 12


Dear President Obama,

I want to tell you hi. Do you work with Santa Claus? Can I meet you in your house? Can I say bye to you after I meet you? And then can I meet you again? And then again after that?

Sergio Magana, age 5
San Francisco


Dear President Obama,

Here is a list of the first 10 things you should do as president:

1. Fly to the White House in a helicopter.
2. Walk in.
3. Wipe feet.
4. Walk to the Oval Office.
5. Sit down in a chair.
6. Put hand-sanitizer on hands.
7. Enjoy moment.
8. Get up.
9. Get in car.
10. Go to the dog pound.

Chandler Browne, age 12


Dear President/Mr. Obama,

The best thing about living in the White House would be running around like a maniac. The thing I would like least is the work.

Holly Wong, age 9
San Francisco

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Now at 313, we haven't read the Twilight books. We aren't haters, the series just isn't very high on our priority list. However, we have seen the movie, and let me tell you, it has become a guilty pleasure. It is so cheesy and unintentionally hilarious. In honor of the cheeseball factor, we present "Twilight...with Cheeseburgers."

Disclaimer: This is going to be much more funny if you have seen the movie.

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We love The Office here at 313 Gladstone.


(Sorry, they disabled the embed feature on this video, but we promise it is high quality!)

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I would definitely go see this movie....maybe.

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Enough said.

Happy Easter from the Walrus!

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Let's see...we have a baby. In a onsie. With a mop on it.

Well, here at the Walrus, we really try to keep our comedy clean.

Thanks failblog.org.

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Welcome to our blog! We (Lorien, Allison, Megan and myself) live together. We laugh at stuff. This is some of that stuff.

Now this first one has been a 313 classic for almost a year. I think we all wish Kristen Wiig was our fifth roommate.