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An awesome remake of an already awesome video. (Thanks for finding it DJ.)

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This sketch has brought me endless hours, maybe even full weeks, of entertainment.

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Although I don't think that Jimmy Fallon is all that funny i do have to give hime credit for the Robert is Bothered bit he has been doing on his show.

this is the video that started it all....we must have watched this for 2 days straight when we found it.


check out http://www.robertisbothered.com for the rest of them...shark week, valentine's day, snickers ads, etc...

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We have no words.


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We didn't quite get around to the Christmas album this year (we're seniors...don't expect too much from us)...so we thought we'd share this piece of advice with you all! Merry Christmas!

(PS. You're welcome.)

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This is timeless....just like the walrus.

I recently rediscovered this awesome comedy bit and it still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

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Stick it out to the end. It's awesome, I promise.

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I'm in DC, but I'm still going to post, because I love this video. Unfortunately it isn't real, it is from an Australian sketch comedy troupe. Oh well. Still hilarious. Making fun of politicians is just so easy.

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Nothing says you can do it quite like "everyone else is better than you"..huge confidence booster

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Here at the Walrus we have taken to a show called How I met your Mother. This next year several of us will be graduating from college and stepping out into the real world to find the job of our dreams (yeah right). It will be a difficult journey but with the help of our friend Barney we will land the perfect job. all you need is a Video Resume.....enjoy!


sorry....forgot how to upload a video so just open the link and watch in "Awesome Resolution"

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oh no, youths!